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Fighters Anthology
Rainbow Six
Warcraft II
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We love a lot of older games (hence our addiction to DOOM). But we have always tried to improve on the games we've loved. It's not that the games weren't incredible on their own, it's just that we like to do things our way. So every time we get our hands on an amazing game, we look into modding what we can. We haven't done much lately (apart from being occasionally side-tracked with SWAT 4), but we'd like to share what mods and levels we've made in the past.

Licensing Info

Our Other Game Mods are Beerware.
That means they are FREE to download and use as much as you want.There's no time limits, no spyware, no advertisements, none of that. If you love our programs and want to help us out, you can make a donation via the PayPal link to the right.

Legal stuff:
These are mods to the original games and/or levels for them. You have to buy the game to use them. If you don't have it and the game sounds cool, try a used software store, or Ebay

DOOM is owned by id Software
Jane's Fighter's Anthology was made by Jane's Combat Simulations, which no longer exists (bought by Electronic Arts)
Starcraft and Warcraft are owned by Blizzard Entertainment
Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, etc are owned by Red Storm Entertainment
Unreal Tournament is owned by Epic Games, which used to be Epic Megagames. I've been buying games from them since like 1990, and I'm pretty sure I missed when they changed their name. Speaking of them, did any of you ever play Castle of the Winds? I bought that and still have the stupid floppy. I paid $25 for it back in 1993 or so and played the heck out of it. Loved that game. I actually still own a legal copy of Windows 3.1 running in DOSBox just so I can play it every now and then.

Jane's Combat Simulations: Fighters Anthology

This is an excellent fighter plane combat sim. You can choose to fly any of 100 or so aircraft which gives a lot of depth to the game. Fighters or bombers, tankers or transports (no guns or bombs so why bother). The flight model is simplistic and the cockpits between aircraft are somewhat similar. The graphics are okay and creating missions is easy. If you love combat sims but struggle with in-depth systems that quickly lose you, try this game out. Once you have the keys down it's a blast, links real easy, and will provide hours upon hours of destructive fun. Paul created some mods and combat missions.

Need a Copy?

Nobody seems to sell this anymore. You'll have to Try Ebay
Another option is to join us in asking GOG to carry the game: http://www.gog.com/wishlist/games/janes_fighters_anthology


All downloads require the full registered copy of the game.

New F-15E

An edited version of the F-15E Strike Eagle that is closer to reality than the version included with the game.

Download v1.1 (9 kb)

Mission: 18 Scramble

This mission is a Charlie Foxtrot. There are about 35 incoming fighters and bombers that are staggered just enough to border on impossible.

Download v1 (6 kb)

Mission: B-1 Run

Afterburning bomber fun. Each bomber has a pair of F-22s as your wingmen, so you can sic them on the enemy fighters.

Download v1 (6 kb)

Mission: B-2 City

Drop a hell of a lot of ordnance on city buildings! Flatten the place.

Download v1 (5 kb)

Falkland Campaign

15 carrier-based missions to play with Harriers and Hornets

Download v1 (52 kb)

Iran Campaign

7 missions that take place in Iran and are designed with the F-15 Strike Eagle in mind

Download v1 (28 kb)

Drug Cartel Campaign

You are a reservist pulling your 2-week training off the coast of Panama when a Coast Guard patrol ship calls for help. Soon your training becomes a real world fight for survival against an unforgiving enemy -- the drug cartel (10 missions)

Download v1 (28.5 kb)

Iran Campaign

Two multi-role missions designed for the Strike Eagle

Download v1 (10 kb)

Terrorist Campaign

15 missions against a terrorist organization based in Egypt

Download v1 (58 kb)

Rainbow Six / Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch / Rogue Spear

Rainbow Six - the original tactical first-person shooter game. This game had a ton of problems. You'd creep into a room and some dirtbag would shoot you through a wall and you'd die. Or you'd shoot someone in the hand and kill him. The worst problems of all, however, occurred at random - when you'd shoot someone and a terrorist on the other side of the map would execute a hostage. You'd be like three miles away and you'd get a "mission failed" message. Absolutely infuriating!

So, Paul attacked the mission files, creating the Loud missions that let you be as noisy as you want. We couldn't fix all the other bugs in the game, but at least you can load up the NATO pack and take a Predator Mini-Gun to their asses. Then he outdid himself by doing the same thing for the Eagle Watch expansion and the game Rogue Spear.

Need a Copy?

You can buy the original Rainbow Six at Good Old Games
Eagle Watch doesn't appear to be for sale at gog.. you can always Try Ebay
Rogue Spear isn't for sale either, again Try Ebay


All downloads require the full registered copy of the game(s). The downloads all basically do the same thing - let you play loud and proud with whatever weapons you want to bring along!

Note that the missions names are moderately vulgar, but in a funny sort of way. If this offends you, what are you doing playing first person shooters anyway?

Rainbow 6 - Loud

Rainbow 6

Download v3.2 (131 kb)

Eagle Watch - Noise

Rainbow 6 & Eagle Watch

Download v3 (46.3 kb)

Rogue Spear - Blast

Rogue Spear

Download v1 (193 kb)

Starcraft / Brood War

While in college, I got hooked on playing Starcraft with other students in my dorm. I spent hours making all sorts of maps for Starcraft. There's a good variety here: tiny 1-on-1 maps for duels all the way to massive 8-player maps for LAN parties. All of these have received extensive testing at LAN parties and in private matches.

At one point, I had started work on an 8 map campaign. I managed to dig up 5 of the maps a few years ago. My plans and sketches are long gone, so I don't even know what the overall storyline was supposed to be. If I get free time one of these days, I'll see if I can at least finish these 5 maps and link them properly.

Need a Copy?

You can buy a digital download bundle of Starcraft and Brood War from Blizzard Entertainment's store


Starcraft Map Pack

Starcraft v1.12+

Contains 14 maps:
(8) 2-player maps
(4) 2 to 4 player maps
(1) 2 to 6 player map
(1) 2 to 8 player map

Download (719.3 kb)

Brood War Map Pack

Starcraft with Brood War v1.12+

Contains 3 maps:
(2) 2 to 8 player maps
(1) 4 to 8 player map

Download (121.5 kb)

Warcraft 2

Another older game we still play. We made a couple of maps from scratch for this and occasionally modify a map that came with it. These maps are all compatible with Warcraft II Battle.Net Edition as well as the original DOS version of the game.

Need a Copy?

Blizzard no longer sells this game, so you'll have to check Ebay


Original Maps

Warcraft II

Both of these maps were designed for 2 players

Cramped and Stacked (6 kb)

Gold Rush! (9.5 kb)

Modified High Seas Combat

Warcraft II

We added a land bridge (if you blast the rock) around the entire perimeter, so you don't have to go with a sea based empire, and computer players who go air or land are not completely useless. We also added another gold mine on a center island.

Download (20 kb)

Unreal Tournament

I remember buying this years ago with some amount of trepidation... I mean, the networking support in the original Unreal was absolutely terrible. But I had a lot of friends playing this, and I was really into deathmatch at the time, so I decided to go for it. The game turned out to be fun, and the networking is probably still the most solid I've seen in any Unreal Engine game to date (that's not a compliment).

I found the level editor one day and made one map for the game. After finishing, I figured I would never make one better so I stopped while I was ahead. Actually, the level kind of sucked. It was very cramped and I never did get the water to work, so you jump in the pool and just fall into this pit and are stuck there. Making levels was really hard. It's included here because it's hilarious.

Need a Copy?

You can buy the Game of the Year edition at Good Old Games


Grim's Mine

Unreal Tournament

Deathmatch, really small but surprisingly fun with 6 to 10 people in it

Download (102 kb)