Lost Luggage Studios presents...

The following are the various software projects we have created -- from games to utilies that make our (and hopefully your) life easier. We created this page as a quick showcase for all of our software (and so Google would stop complaining about 404 errors because this index page didn't exist and people kept trying to come here anyway).

Fun Games

Anirah: Riddle of the Pharaohs
It's like MahJongg, but with math

Catalyst Deluxe
A new type of solitaire card game

Game Mods

Luggage DOOM
Where we lose your luggage... and sometimes your shotgun

Other Game Mods
A single page for mods we've made for other games,
including Starcraft, Warcraft II, Fighter's Anthology, Rainbow Six and more

Useful Utilities

Batch Image Converter

The program insurance companies don't want you to know about...

SQL Runner
Automated MySQL database patching

TIE Cleaner
Great for cleaning IE temp files off multi-user systems

Smarter bookmark management for Firefox

Other Tools
Smaller tools that, while helpful, just didn't warrant their own pages


Speeding Calculator
Proof that driving faster won't get you to your destination faster

Misfortune Cookie Generator
A crazy little random phrase generator we pieced together a few years back.