Welcome to the Misfortune Cookie Baker!

BEHOLD! Your Misfortune!

Your house is not the place to bury a lousy salami up your nose.

I want another one!

What is this?
We first built the Misfortune Cookie generator in 2009, and it was hilarious. We spent hours making cookies and sending them to our friends. The database was small, probably only ten or twelve items in each category (prefix, suffix, adjective, verb and noun). We decided to make it funnier by adding more words to the database. Once we had thousands of words in each table, the Misfortunes got unfunny. We've learned our lesson! This new and improved generator is smaller, and should be funnier.

DISCLAIMER -- Our database is populated with words that are assembled randomly, providing 12,362,977,760 possible combinations. We cannot and will not be held responsible for their assembly results and/or your dirty, filthy mind. If the assembly result is horrifically crude and disgusting, well... please forward it to us. We can always use a good laugh.