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Latest Version:  2.0
Release Date:  Feb 21, 2011

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This simple but powerful tool cleans out all the temporary internet files from every user profile on the system. The place this will be the most helpful is on a multi-user Citrix or Terminal Server. It is better to control user profiles with Group Policy but when they are out of control this utility will clean up the garbage for you.

TIE Cleaner was designed and programmed by Paul Belanger, an A+, Linux+, and MCSE certified technician with more than 8 years of experience.



Reviews of TIE Cleaner

“Cons: It's so easy to use that I feel like I'm wasting my education.”May 28,2009 - gordon0018 on Download.com

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Independent Virus Scans

There's a lot of malware out there on the Internet - viruses, spyware, and other software created to track what you do and make your computer slower. In light of all that, we're including links to independent software sites that have done virus scans of our software. Feel free to follow their links and see for yourself that we don't do anything we're not supposed to.

The following changes have been made since the initial release of TIE Cleaner:

Version 2.0 (February 21, 2011)

	* Ported program to C#, to fall in line with the rest of our products.
	* Now all on one screen.
	* Added a dropdown for selecting default folder structures; Default and Custom.
	* Smarter detection of your default Internet cache folder.
	* Threading, so you can now cancel a scan or clean operation. A canceled scan will allow you to clean
		just those files on the really messed up systems.
	* Added a second progress bar to track profiles.
	* Added RunTime to log file, and differentiation for when run from the command line (CLI:).
	* Added menu item for viewing/deleting the error log.

Version 1.3 (March 2009)

	* Code to handle command line parameters so you can run it from Task Scheduler
		/scan just scans.
		/clean ignores the /scan switch since it scans it first anyways.
		/show will popup a dialog box with the quantity of files.
	* Log.txt file is created/appended if run from command line switches so you can see what it does (size
		cleaned) and when (time stamped). This gives you some feedback as to how messy your profiles are.
	* Log.txt support for manual use. You might as well track everything you do so you can justify your job.

Version 1.2 (September 2008)

	* Clicking on Scan no longer greys out the scan button when it enables the Clean button. I found that
		feature annoying when switching folders.
	* Number reported in billions came from folder size being returned as -1 (i.e. invalid). Since field
		was unsigned it reverted to the max field value of 4,294,967,295. Oops!
	* Windows error message when trying to clean profiles with folders that don't exist. Imagine that!

Version 1.1 (August 2008)

	* Now ignores desktop.ini and index.dat files in size calculations.
	* Does not enable Clean button if there is nothing there to clean, and displays a separate message.
	* Potential bug fix for having a number in the billions when performing a scan on a recently cleaned
		folder. Happened in only odd cases.

	* Configuration dialog box so you can specify the folder, either default or custom. Settings can be
		saved to a config.ini file.
	* Protection so you can't inadvertently or intentionally select C:\, C:\Windows, C:\WINNT, or the
		C:\Program Files folders.

Version 1.0 (March 2008)

Initial release. Hard-coded default folder for XP and Server 2003 profiles.

Licensing Info

TIE Cleaner is Beerware.
That means it's FREE to download and use as much as you want.There's no time limits, no spyware, no advertisements, none of that. If you love our program and want to help us out, you can make a donation via the PayPal link to the right.

Microsoft Windows

Windows 2000 or higher
.Net Framework 2.0

Download v2.0 (74 kb)

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