Lost Luggage Studios, LLC - Privacy Policy

This is our plain-English privacy policy. Most people don't read privacy policies at all, so in order to get you to read ours, we've decided to make it short and simple.

What And How We Collect

We collect any personal information you provide to us on our website (including but not limited to name and email address). This information will be kept strictly confidential. We take your privacy very seriously and you can count on us to go above and beyond the call of paranoia to protect your information. We'll do everything in our power to protect your information as if it were our own. Sometimes we get disturbingly personal information emailed or faxed to us, usually from people searching for their lost luggage. Sorry, we can't help you out with that stuff. Please stop sending it. (Note: when we get these things, we cringe, we laugh, and then we delete)

How We Use What We Collect

We will not sell or give away your info to anyone for any price. We may decide to use your info to send out promotional emails but these emails will be from us and us alone.

Advertising Policy

There are a few pages on our site where you will see ads (like the Speeding Calculator and our blog). The ads there are custom created by us for our products. You will never see a third-party ad on our site, nor will you ever see a malicious or annoying ad.