Scribings, Vol 4: Miscreations

by Jamie Alan Belanger, editor

Featuring stories by:

Genre: Fiction, Speculative / Anthology (Multiple Authors)
Paperback: 254 pagesPaperback ISBN: 978-1-936489-20-6
Ebook: about 85,000 wordsEbook ISBN: 978-1-936489-19-0

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Miscreations are things that should not exist, but do. An event happens that transforms an entity into something so amazingly good or so horribly evil that you can't help but be fascinated by its existence.

Scribings, Vol 4: Miscreations contains twelve stories from the Greater Portland Scribists that explore these oddities. Errors in evolution. Discoveries in supposedly clean rooms. Extreme memory loss. Appliances that are a little too smart. Mythical beasts reborn. And one joke that went way too far.

Cover art by Peeter Parkker.
His website is at