Plain English License - Beerware Version

Re: Software obtained from Lost Luggage Studios at http://www.LostLuggageStudios.com or any affiliated site


You may download and use this software free of charge. However, this is not an open license to use this software. You may not decompile, reverse engineer, hack, crack, smack, or outright steal from this. You may not sell this software for profit. You may not take screenshots and post them on your MySpace page (or any other social networking site). You cannot record videos of yourself using this software and then post them on YouTube (unless you include Duke Nukem sound effects).


Any distribution done outside of our website (http://www.LostLuggageStudios.com) must be with our express permission and must follow whatever guidelines we dictate. We retain all rights to this software. You may, however, distribute this to friends and/or enemies providing that there is no fee paid for the software and that this distribution archive remains intact (including the copy of this license). You are not allowed to bundle this software with anything else, including so-called "wrappers" that try to trick the user into installing bogus junk (like toolbars, download managers, and the like).


As per the term "Beerware", if you like this software, we encourage you to donate to our cause. Donations will be spent on purchasing beer, which both fuels and motivates us. Beer makes us better programmers (note that we haven't tested the effect on our ability to create graphics yet) -- so the more you donate, the higher the quality level of our software. For optimal results, we recommend making a sizable donation before (or shortly after) requesting any new software or major revisions to existing software.


All software covered under this license is used at your own risk. If you need assistance getting it to work or have any trouble with it, by all means feel free to post in our forums. We'll offer what help we can, but can't and won't be held liable for any damages or anything like that.

That being said, we have run all of these files through Avast Anti-Virus. So the downloads you get directly from us should be safe. If you find a virus in one of these zips... well... that'll be news to us. And you'll never find spyware or malware or anything like that in these downloads either. We hate that crap as much as you do.


Any personal information you provide to us on our website (including but not limited to name and email address) will be kept strictly confidential. We will not sell or give away your info to anyone for any price. We hate companies that do that too. Any promotional newsletters that we send out are purely optional. Except maybe the first one, before we get around to programming a way for you to opt out. But we promise we'll allow you to opt out.

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