Robin Hansen

Genre:Speculative fiction

A folklorist, Robin loves to write (and read) speculative fiction that rings true but has a twist of magic or off-ness—a blond European tribe kept as livestock in central Africa, mittens that magically become a compass when you’re lost, a boy who relates only to plants; a World War II Zero pilot who can’t stand killing, two modern kids flung back in time to help out the gifted kids who invented complex language. Her writing hero, Pierre Boulle (Planet of the Apes, Bridge on the River Kwai), was also a journalist and a fan of off-ness, a writer who made novels read like short stories.

Robin was born in Portland, Maine, but grew up in the military on the East Coast, Japan, and Denmark. Like Polly Tate, she needs salt water nearby to thrive. She enjoys being with kids and has four, who have produced nine more. In the absence of children at home, she and her husband host foreign exchange students and talk to their dog, who listens politely.

She has degrees in history and folklore/folklife, and a writing background in journalism and folklore. She has had articles and fiction in regional and national publications from Yankee Magazine to Family Fun, Redbook, and Piecework. Her other books include two picture books and a number of books based on folklife or knitting traditions.

Books Published

The Scribings OmnibusEssential GPS: A Scribings Special EditionScribings, Vol 5: InversionsThe Ice Harbor MittensSunny's MittensUltimate MittensWhistling With OlivesFavorite MittensKnit Mittens!

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