Matthew Stephen D.

Genre:Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative

Matthew Stephen D. has always been drawn to adventure. From the dawn of adolescence, to the long late night hours of adult life, be it wandering with his trusty wooden blade, or relaxing in his sanctum whilst guiding his comrades through the treacherous labyrinth of his creative mind, one constant is his love of adventure. To Matthew, the hero's journey translates to everyone in all aspects of daily life. As an artist, he communicates this love in the purest way he knows.

Inspired by the likes of R.A. Salvatore, J.R.R. Tolkien, David Gemmell, C.S. Lewis, Kentaro Miura, George R.R. Martin, and Joe Abercrombie, Matthew has set out on his quest to bring that love to as many as he can.

Books Published

The Scribings OmnibusEssential GPS: A Scribings Special EditionScribings, Vol 5: Inversions