About Lost Luggage Studios

Lost Luggage Studios is an independent software and game developer based in Maine. We are also an indie publisher, currently offering novels and anthologies in print and ebook formats. We originally formed in late 2007, but due to the constraints of day jobs we were unable to press forward with any recognizable levels of productivity. After moving to Maine, we officially filed the paperwork for forming Lost Luggage Studios, LLC in August of 2008.

Paul (left) and Jamie (right) busily working on things for 2012

WTF? Lost Luggage?

Lost Luggage Studios is a name that means a lot to us. We love our company name. It's funny and silly, and thus it is quite memorable. It's rare that we find someone who doesn't chuckle when we tell them our name. But where did it come from?

Many years ago (circa 1992), we were hooked on playing an excellent video game called B-17 Flying Fortress from Microprose. When creating his first plane, Paul looked through the available nose art and chose a picture with a semi-naked woman (see picture to right, va va voom!). He named the plane Lost Luggage and flew it through all the missions in the game.

When it came time to choose a company name, we thought of the fun we had playing that game, and decided to remember that by naming our company "Lost Luggage". The Studios moniker comes from our wide range of interests. We didn't want to feel stuck only developing computer programs with "Software" or "Games". We wanted to leave options open. We wanted "Studios" so that we were open to going after all of our dreams - writing, photography, movies, software, video games, and anything else we can think of.

What we do, at the moment:

Fun Games

We have two original games, and are currently planning and building several more.

Useful Utilities

Our catalog of utilities is already a good size, and continues to grow as we get ideas for more applications to solve problems we run into.

Indie Books

Since 2010, we've been publishing 3 to 5 titles a year. Check out our growing library at Our Publishing Page.

Flight Crew - Owners and Employees

Paul's photo
Paul Belanger
Business Manager, Quality Assurance, Anything Else Jamie Doesn't Want To Do
Education / Experience:
AOS Aviation Technology
CompTIA A+ Certified
CompTIA Linux+ Certified
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
AA Business Administration (In Progress)
Certificate in Entrepreneurship (SMCC)
Flying, Writing, Programming, Dancing Girls
Currently Playing:
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Jamie's photo
Jamie Alan Belanger
Product Design, Programming, Website, Marketing, Random Graphics, Music
Education / Experience:
BS Computer Science w/ minor in Mathematics (University of South Florida)
8 years as Lead Developer for ConnectWise PSA
Writing, Photography, Programming, AI Theory
Currently Playing:
Borderlands; Diablo (yeah, the first one)
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